Hello all. As many of you know, after the maintenance on 5/21, high level achievement quests were made available for players who had already claimed the rewards. This resulted in players claiming one-time rewards that had been already given in the past. Since yesterday, our team started retrieving the following rewards from players who have received rewards. This action had to be done quickly to prevent these items from being used within the game. The items retrieved are as follows:

Items Retrieved

  • Lv. 7 Gem Exchenge Ticket
  • Hero-grade Doll Exchange Ticket

Please note that the items received from using the above items are also being retrieved by our team. See below for more information on this. Additionally, players were also able to claim the following items when completing the missions, and these two items will NOT be removed:

Items NOT Retrieved

  • +7 Talisman Exchange Ticket
  • 3-Star Spellbook Exchange Ticket

Because we are not removing the above items, our team will also now be rewarding the two items above to all accounts on Aden Servers who logged from 4/16 until 5/21 (except the players who already received them by completing the missions). Please note that the above compensation will be carried out next week via coupon code (1 per account), and more information will follow.

Finally, if you were affected by the item removal work and believe there is an issue with the action taken, such as incorrect items removed or other similar issues, please submit a customer service ticket so our team can look at each individual case. Please title the ticket "Aden - Incorrect Item Removed" and explain your situation. We will prepare support for this issue. Please note that we are unable to offer support through Discord, but our team is aware of the recent complaints that have been raised by players. Thank you Aden!